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Text Graphic of Clubs at MRES

Battle of the Books Team:
Melissa McNeil
Elementary Battle of the Books is a club for 4th and 5th graders who love to read.  Up to 12 students from the club will be selected to represent our school at the county-wide competition.  This competition consists of reading selected books.  Each child on the team will read for comprehension in order to be able to answer questions about the books.  This competition resembles a spelling bee in that the student is asked a question and then responds.  Students must fill out an application and take a title/author quiz to be accepted into the club.  Once in the club, students must read and complete assignments by due dates in order to remain in the club.  In January, the final team for the competition is selected. They usually compete in February or March.

Honors Choir:
Directed by Mrs. Tamika Kelly
Each year, vocalists from the fourth and fifth grades combine to form the Morganton Road Honors Choir.  Under the direction of our school’s music teacher, this choir provides musical entertainment for events at school and throughout the community.  Students practice on a weekly basis to hone their skills and provide our stakeholders an opportunity to broaden their cultural experiences.

(Mr. Justin Mackey)

Fifth graders throughout Cumberland County Schools are afforded the opportunity to participate in a strings program sponsored by the Cultural Arts Department.  Under the direction of a skilled conductor, students learn to play instruments such as the violin and cello.  Students meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings to practice and provide entertainment at various school functions. Many fifth grade students who participate in this program go on to join orchestras at the middle school level.

Dazzling Stars:
(Mrs. Chrystal Guzman, along with staff member mentors)
The mission of the program is to teach young girls how to shine brightly through all aspects of life. The mentors will help guide the mentees through different everyday life/school situations that may arise. Also, the group will encourage positive social interaction between students and their peers, teachers, and family members. Dazzling Stars is a mentoring program that is available to MRES 5th grade students.

Student Government Association:
(Ms. Sandee Williams)
Our student government association consists of fifth-grade students that include a president, vice president, and a secretary as well as fifth-grade representatives. These students attend our monthly School Improvement Team meetings, PTA meetings, and afterschool SGA meetings of their own.

MRES Junior Beta Club
(Mrs. Tamika Kelly, Ms. Courtney Sides, Mrs. Crystal Harris, Mrs. Ruth Bundy)
The National Beta Club is an organization that recognizes students academic achievement along with students that exhibit great character. This club will be open to 4th and 5th-grade students via invitation.

Science Olympiad
(Mrs. Shaw, along with other staff members)

Science Olympiad involves our third through fifth-grade1 students to channel their creative yet scientific side. The students work together on a team where they complete various activities.


Published by Cyntrea Moore on January 24, 2018
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